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We pour our hearts into every bottle, year after year. Explore our family's wines and discover a taste of Moldova

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Crafting Wines for a Sustainable Future

Every bottle tells a story. Ours is one of exceptional wines and a commitment to the planet.

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Every bottle tells a story. Ours is one of exceptional wines and a commitment to the planet.

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With wines recognized by the world. Crafted with over 150 competition medals and lauded by critics, our wines elevate your everyday enjoyment.

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Wine House

We are thrilled to hold the title of the most awarded family winery in Moldova!

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Ion Luca Jr

Winemaker - Casa Vinicola Luca

At the heart of our winery lies an unwavering dedication to crafting exceptional wines.  This commitment is reflected in every vintage, where we pour our passion into creating unique stories waiting to be uncorked.

But our dedication doesn't stop there.  Our wines have been consistently recognized at international blind tastings, receiving numerous gold medals as a testament to their quality.

This achievement is further amplified by the glowing reviews from renowned wine critics, solidifying our reputation for excellence.  Explore our collection and experience the difference award-winning wines can make.



Meets Heritage

We blend advanced technology with traditional winemaking to preserve the unique character of our wines, ensuring each bottle is a testament to our enduring legacy.

Elegance Through Precision

Our wines mature in stainless steel tanks under strict temperature control, achieving a perfect balance of flavor and aroma that speaks to our meticulous crafting process.

Continuous Improvement

Our quest for excellence marries innovation with our rich heritage, inviting you to experience the refined difference in every glass from Casa Vinicola Luca.

Words of Distinction

Renowned Critics Share Their Thoughts on Carpe Diem Wines

The story of this wines is a story that I love very much. And what i like most is that these are very honest wines having some richness and what the French call fructuosité, and there is also a savory note that make these wines very refreshing.

robert joseph foto
Robert Joseph

His latest Bad Boys blend of Feteasca Neagrä and Saperavi is a cracking wine with beautiful fruit polished oak and lovely personality.

carolina gilby foto
MW Caroline Gilby

His latest Bad Boys blend of Feteasca Neagrä and Saperavi is a cracking wine with beautiful fruit polished oak and lovely personality.

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Chan Jun Park

Collection of
Fine Wines

Wine Name
Feteasca Alba
Feteasca Regala
Femme Incredible
Femme Fatale
Cabernet Sauvignon
Rara Neagra
Feteasca Neagra
Breaking Red
Cuvee 19/11
Bad Boys
Viorica Late Harvest
Brut Natur


Selecting the Barrels

We start by choosing high-quality French oak barrels from renowned producers. This careful selection is crucial because the type of barrel significantly impacts the wine's final taste

Aging Duration

Depending on the type of wine, we age our reds for 12 to 24 months. This aging process is vital for developing the wine's deep flavors and enticing aromas.

Transformation Process

As the wine ages, it goes through a transformation. Inside the 225-liter barrels, the wine's flavors and aromas become richer and more intense, elevating it to a new level of sophistication.

Monitoring and Bottling

We keep a close eye on the wines as they age, ensuring they reach their highest potential. Once perfected, the wines are bottled, ready to deliver a rich and complex taste experience, each bottle a true representation of our winemaking artistry.



As the seasons turn, so do the cycles of our vineyard, where each cluster of grapes is a testament to the Luca family's journey from past to present. Embrace the essence of our terroir with every bottle, a curated experience of Moldova's most cherished flavors and aromas, crafted for the discerning palate.

Striving for full energy self-reliance by 2025, we're progressing rapidly, already harnessing over half our energy needs from solar power. Our pursuit pairs sustainability with superior wine quality, embodying our dedication to the planet in each bottle. Join us in savoring eco-conscious wines and forging a greener future.

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